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Access to Tanaka & Tsuji Laboratory

Our group is in the 3rd floor (from the ground) of M3 building in Suita Campus, Osaka University.

You can consult the following page for the access to Suita campus from railway stations and airports.


  • Professor Toshitsugu Tanaka tanaka atmark mech.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp
  • Associate Professor Takuya Tsuji tak atmark mech.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp
  • Assistant Professor Kimiaki Washino washino.k atmark mech.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp


Postal address

Multiphase Flow Science and Engineering (Tanaka & Tsuji) Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Osaka University
2-1 Yamada-oka Suita Osaka 565-0871 JAPAN